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#4YearsForYou: Coin98 Birthday Giveaway - Join and Earn $1,000 now!

Everyone, Coin98 Super Wallet turns 4 today! Our 4th birthday marks 4 incredible years of growth, innovation, and community building. In gratitude for your continuous support over the last 4 years, we're thrilled to invite you to join us in the #4YearsForYou: Coin98 Birthday Giveaway. Let's make this birthday even more special together by engaging in our easy-peasy tasks, sharing the joy, and earning up to $1,000!
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Coin98 Wallet
Published Jan 05 2024
Updated Jan 15 2024
1 min read

Event Details

💰Total reward: $1,000 in C98

⏳ Duration: 8 days 

⏰ Timeline: 15:00 Jan 05 - 23:30 Jan 12, 2024 (GMT+7) 

📂 Format: Random


Reward Distribution & How to Participate

Our “#4YearsForYou: Coin98 Birthday Giveaway” consists of 2 reward pools:

    Pool 1 is for participants who completed all tasks on our QuestN.
    Pool 2 is for participants who completed all tasks from Pool 1 and wish to earn extra reward through our additional tasks.

The detailed reward distribution and how to participate can be found as below:

Pool 1:

    Reward: $600, random $4 x 150
    How to Participate:
    Step 1: Connect your BEP20 wallet address created/imported on Coin98 to QuestN for event participation and reward distribution.
    Step 2: Visit our QuestN and complete all the tasks below:
    Step 3: Claim your “#4YearsForYou” NFT from QuestN as a proof of completion after finishing all tasks. 

Pool 2:

    Reward: $400, random $10 x 40
    How to Participate:
    Step 1: Share the “#4YearsForYou” NFT you claimed from Pool 1 on Twitter with hashtag #4YearsForYou.
    Step 2: Submit your BEP20 wallet address and the link to your Twitter post on


Terms and Conditions 

    All Coin98 users are welcome to join the event as long as they use their BEP20 wallet address created/imported on Coin98 to connect and complete all tasks on QuestN.
    For Pool 1:
    The "FCFS" mode for Pool 1 on QuestN is only displayed for technical setup and does not affect the final results.
    Each participant needs to claim a “#4YearsForYou" NFT from QuestN as a proof of completion. Participants must have some BNB in their wallets to pay for the gas fee while claiming this NFT.
    All winners will be selected randomly from the NFT owners. Eligible winners are those who own the NFT before the snapshot time at 23:59 (GMT+7) on Jan 12, 2024.
    For Pool 2:
    Only those who completed all tasks from Pool 1 are eligible to participate in Pool 2.
    The BEP20 wallet address submitted on the form has to be the same BEP20 wallet address that participants used to participate in Pool 1.
    The winner announcement will be announced on Coin98 social channels within 14 business days (excluding Saturday & Sunday) after the end of the event.
    The rewards will be distributed to the BEP20 wallet address used to connect to QuestN within 14 business days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) after the winner announcement.
    The token rewards will be distributed in C98 (BEP20) tokens, with the amount calculated based on the C98 closing price on Jan 04, 2024 on CoinGecko, where 1 C98 equals $0.2524.
    Entry into the “#4YearsForYou: Coin98 Birthday Giveaway" event will be considered as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.
    Users are solely responsible for determining and complying if there are any regulations (including foreign exchange restrictions) applicable to them while participating in the “#4YearsForYou: Coin98 Birthday Giveaway" event.  
    Users can join the “#4YearsForYou: Coin98 Birthday Giveaway" event during the period stated in the beginning of this blog post and the post published on Coin98 social media platforms.
    All the event information is officially valid and updated only on this blog post.
    The winners consent to the publication of wallet addresses (revealing the 5 first and 5 last digits of the wallet address) on Coin98 social channels.
    Users can contact us through Coin98 Live Chat for more support.
    All complaints are only valid within 72 hours after the winner announcement on Coin98’s social channels.
    Any cheat detected will automatically be handled by Coin98’s decision without prior notice.
    Coin98 reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
    All final decisions belong to Coin98.
    All personal data of users (wallet address) will not be passed on to third parties without consent, nor will it be provided for the use of third parties.