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Celebrate Tet with Coin98 Game Portal, Earn Lucky Money Up to $6,720

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Published Feb 05 2024
Updated Feb 05 2024
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Coin98 Super Wallet joyfully receives enthusiastic responses from users who have participated in the Game Portal event. With the Lunar New Year atmosphere approaching, we continue to bring the community the Lunar Revelry Festival event - bringing Tet's lucky money to Coin98 users. Join Game Portal today. Don't miss out!!

✨ General Information

Total Prize: $6,720 - Random Prize

Event Timeline: 11 AM, 5th Feb, 2024 - 11:59 PM, 3rd Mar, 2024 (UTC +7)

🎮 Detail Information

Entry Requirements

Update the latest Coin98 Super Wallet on App Store or Google Play.
Create or use a Coin98 Super App Multi-chain with Viction or Single Viction wallet to enter the Game Portal. (Learn How to create a Multi-chain wallet on Coin98 Super Wallet Here.)
After you have a Multi-chain wallet on Coin98 Super Wallet, you can start playing games to earn rewards. Steps to participate in Game Portal:
Step 1: Select Rewards Hub in the Home section.
Step 2: Continue to the Game Portal section.
Step 3: Select one of the 4 games you want to play.
Step 4: Play and be ready to win big rewards from Coin98.

*Note: The Viction single-chain wallet or Multi-chain wallet being activated will be the wallet used to play Game Portal and the wallet used to distribute the rewards.

Detail Event Structure

Total prize: $6,720 C98

There will be a total of 3360 players who receive weekly random rewards (840 players each week). Each prize is worth 2$ in C98

Every player must reach the reward milestone to be eligible for the random prize.

Coin98 will choose a specific game to reward the players each week.

The 4 games are scheduled according to the following timeline:

Week 1: 5th Feb 2024 -  11th Feb 2024: Dungeon Adventure

Week 2: 12th Feb  2024 - 18th Feb 2024: Dungeon Adventure

Week 3: 19th Feb 2024 - 25th Feb 2024: A Space Odyssey

Week 4: 26th Feb 2024 - 3rd Mar 2024: Abyss Match Saga

*Tips: Coin98 will update the Game Portal’s Banner to each game identity of the above timeline. Kindly pay attention to this banner.

Each game has the following reward milestones:

❗Terms & Conditions

By participating in this event, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

All the latest event information is valid and updated in this article.

This event is only for users who use the Coin98 Super Wallet.

Users are solely responsible for determining if there are any applicable laws (including foreign exchange restrictions) that they must comply with and comply with those laws when participating in the event..

Each player (wallet address) will be able to receive a Random Prize ONCE during the event. Only wallets that were created on Coin98 during the event timeline are eligible to receive rewards.

The winner list of the Random Prize will be announced within 14 working days from the end of the event.

The winners agree to allow Coin98 to publicly post their wallet address (first and last 5 digits) on Coin98's social media channels.

All complaints will only be considered valid if the player contacts Coin98 Live Chat within 72 hours of the winner announcement.

Winners of all prizes will receive your reward within 14 working days from the winner announcement.

All rewards will be distributed via Coin98 Vault. Kindly connect the Viction (VRC25) wallet address you used to participate in the Game Portal to claim vault. Please prepare some VIC for the gas fee.

(*)Working days exclude Saturday & Sunday

The price of C98 token will be announced on the winner announcement day (based on CoinGecko Live Chart)

Any fraudulent behavior that affects the results of the events will be dealt with at Coin98's discretion without prior notice if detected.

Coin98 has the right to refuse to award prizes, change the prize structure, and implement a verification process without prior notice in the following cases: (1) detection of signs of fraud, (2) violation of Coin98 community standards or policies, (3) not meeting all the conditions when participating in the program.

Coin98 has a full right to modify the game rules, terms and conditions, or cancel the event at any time.

The final decision of the event is up to Coin98.

No personal information of the players (wallet address) will be transferred to third parties without the player's consent, nor will it be provided to third parties for use.