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Coin98 100+ Blockchains Celebration - $7,000 Up for Grabs

Join the Coin98 100+ Blockchains Celebration and dive into a series of exciting activities to unlock your chance to win a share of $7,000 in C98 rewards!
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Published May 21 2024
Updated 7 hours ago
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A Milestone Worth Celebrating

It's a time of immense pride and excitement at Coin98 as we mark a significant milestone—reaching over 100 blockchains integrated into our product. This achievement isn't just a number; it represents our commitment to providing accessible, seamless experiences in the Web3 universe. We're excited to share this journey and take a moment to appreciate everyone who has been part of this adventure. 

Let's explore the opportunities, engagement, and rewards that await! Download Coin98 Super Wallet today and start your journey into the limitless possibilities of a multichain future!

Get started 

To be eligible for these events, you must use Coin98 Super Wallet and have a multichain wallet.

With a total reward of $7,000 in C98, there are three main activities lined up for the multichain journey:

Activity 1: Coin98 Chainfinity Journey (Ended)

How many opportunities have you missed? If it's been many, Coin98 can assist you in delving into the interconnected worlds of over 100 blockchains. You'll discover boundless potential and opportunities through Coin98 without missing a thing. 

Let's embark on an inspiring journey across the vast landscapes of the multichain universe, starting with the Coin98 Chainfinity Journey.

Total reward: $5,000 in C98 in details: 

$4,500 (17,110 C98) for 300 lucky winners (15$/winner)
$500 (1,901 C98) for participants who invite friends to join the campaign and complete all required tasks:
Tier 1 - Invitees: $250
Tier 2: $150
Tier 3: $10O

Duration: 10:00 AM May 21 - 11:59 PM May 27, 2024 (UTC+7) 

Platform: TaskOn 

Format: Lucky Draw 

How to join: Complete these simple tasks on TaskOn via this link, including: 

Follow @coin98_wallet  on X (Twitter)
Like the event announcement post
RT the campaign announcement post 
Quote the video post with the hashtag #Coin98 #C98 #EmbraceMultichain 
Verify your wallet generated on Coin98 
Invite friends to join this campaign (Optional)


Users can use both Coin98 Super Wallet and Coin98 Extension to join the campaign.
Rewards will be randomly distributed by TaskOn to eligible lucky winners and sent directly to the wallet users use to participate in the TaskOn event.

Activity 2: Coin98 AI Fest (Ended)

Following the Chainfinity Journey event, Coin98 invites you to step into the spotlight at Coin98 AI Fest!

Celebrate the expansive Coin98 100+ Blockchains event and seize multiple opportunities to engage with Coin98 like never before. This isn't just a celebration; it’s an interaction, a collective memory in the making. Be a part of this unforgettable moment and help make this journey epic!

Total reward: $2,000 (7,813 C98) in details:

$1,500 (5,860 C98) for 150 lucky winners (~10$/winner)
$500 (1,953 C98) for the top 3 referrals who invite the most friends to join the campaign: 
Top 1: $250 (976 C98)
Top 2: $150 (586 C98)
Top 3: $10O (391 C98)

Duration: 3:30 PM May 28 - 11:59 PM June 6, 2024 (UTC+7) 

Platform: Coin98 Super Wallet & TaskOn 

Format: Lucky Draw 

How to Join:

Open your Coin98 Super Wallet (mobile app) and create an image using our AI bot.
Share the photo on X with the hashtags #Coin98, #EmbraceMultichain, and include the invitation link.
Submit the URL link of your shared photo to our campaign on TaskOn via this link.
Verify your wallet on Coin98 Super Wallet 
Invite friends to join this event (Optional)


To be eligible, users must use Coin98 Super Wallet (mobile app version for iOS or Android) to participate in the event. If your Primary Address on TaskOn is not a wallet on Coin98, you can do the following:
Import the current Primary Address into Coin98 according to the instructions here, or
Reconnect a wallet created on Coin98 and set it as the Primary Address on TaskOn.
Each user can create AI images on the Coin98 Super Wallet up to 5 times daily.
Rewards will be randomly distributed by TaskOn to eligible lucky winners and sent directly to the wallet users use to participate in the TaskOn event.

Activity 3: Coin98 Superfan Assemble

The "Coin98 Superfan Assemble" event is an appreciation celebration dedicated to the special users of the Coin98 Super Wallet. 

As a token of our gratitude, users who participated in the Coin98 AI Fest event and completed valid tasks will receive an exclusive slot to join the Coin98 Superfan Assemble Hotdrop. This unique collection serves as a tribute to our loyal supporters, each unique NFT representing a badge of honor that showcases your dedication and pride in our shared journey.

Collection name: Coin98 Superfan Assemble

Duration: 5:00 PM June 21 - 11:59 PM June 26, 2024 (UTC+7)

Platform: Dagora NFT Marketplace - Hotdrop Link

Format: Whitelisted 

Supply: 1,729 NFTs 

Network: Viction

Gas fee: Zero gas fee

Service fee: $0,05 C98 (50% sponsored by Coin98 Super Wallet)

Mint per wallet: 1

How to join:

Users who participated in the Coin98 AI Fest event and completed valid tasks will receive a slot to mint the exclusive Coin98 Superfan NFT. Addresses eligible for minting are listed HERE.
Visit Coin98 Superfan Assemble Hotdrop and mint Coin98 Superfan NFT on the Dagora NFT Marketplace using your whitelisted wallet. (How to mint NFTs on Dagora NFT Marketplace)

Note: Please have some $C98 ready to cover the service fee.

As we continue to enhance your experience and expand our reach, we invite you to embrace these new opportunities and join us in making the most of the exciting multichain universe ahead. Let's make this celebration a milestone to remember!

Terms and Conditions 

1. All Coin98 users are welcome to join the event. Users are solely responsible for determining and complying with applicable regulations (including foreign exchange restrictions) while participating in all Coin98 events. 

2. Entry into the Coin98 100+ Blockchains Celebration Event will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

3. By participating in Activity 2 - Coin98 AI Fest, users agree to allow Coin98 to use their images for marketing purposes.

4. All the event information is officially valid and updated only on this blog post.

5. The winners consent to the publication of wallet addresses (revealing the 5 first and 5 last digits of the wallet address) on Coin98 social channels.

6. The token rewards will be distributed in C98 (BEP20) tokens, with the amount calculated based on the C98 price on Coingecko:

May 21, 2024 at 7:41 AM (GMT+7), where 1 C98 equals $0.263 (for activity 1 - Chainfinity Journey)
May 28, 2024 at 11:40 AM (GMT+7), where 1 C98 equals $0.256 (for activity 2 - Coin98 Ai Fest) 

7. Users can contact us through Coin98 Live Chat for support with any questions they have during the event's occurrence. 

8. Any detected cheating will be automatically handled by Coin98's decision without prior notice.

9. Coin98 reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

10. All final decisions belong to Coin98.

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