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Coin98 Bi-Weekly Roundup #15

Two weeks have gone by, and we’re here with a new Bi-Weekly Roundup episode! We've experienced a fantastic time with some product updates and engaging external endeavors. Let Coin98 share a summary of our recent activities.
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Published Aug 02 2023
Updated Aug 02 2023
2 min read

Product Updates

With the advent of Web3 and DeFi, Coin98 is committed to upgrading our product system and features. We are restlessly working on enhancing users’ performance and thus, the new Coin98 Extension V7.2.7 is released.

Download to enjoy the new version:


Coin98 is thrilled to announce the Mantle Network Mainnet Alpha integration into our latest Coin98 Extension. Thanks to this integration, Coin98 users can now create a Mantle wallet to store, send and receive MNT, the native token of the Mantle Network. 

We are closely working with this Ethereum rollup to integrate into its native Bridge between L1 and L2, dApps on the mainnet phase so that users can discover DeFi services with exceptional UX on this blockchain. These updates are going to be deployed in our Coin98 Super App soon.

Events & Community

In a collaboration with Helio Protocol, Coin98 is hosting the Social Giveaways 

Reward 2500 HAY on Coin98 Earn. Join now for a chance to win!

NFTs Supported

The NFT sector is always updated, so NFT traders need to keep up with the latest collections. In this edition, Coin98 has added some trending NFTs in various categories such as music, gaming, art,... 

Please give a warm welcome to these new NFTs that we have recently supported: MNTGE Patchwork, Sappy Seals, The Plooshies, The Smurfs’ Society | Ingredients & Potions, Skyborne - Genesis Immortals, Los Muertos World, BLOCKS by harvmcm, MidnightBreeze, archive edition, Dangiuz Edition, The Poser Party, Space Riders NFT. 

Coin98 is proud that we are on trend with the market by supporting the new NFTs collection which our users can store and manage in the Coin98 Wallet.

Coin98 Bi-Weekly Roundup #15 Overview 


About Coin98 Super App 

Coin98 is the #1 crypto super app designed to seamlessly connect a billion users to the crypto world safely and securely.

We offer users across the globe a comprehensive and trusted ecosystem of essential services, including but not limited to a non-custodial, multi-chain NFT & cryptocurrency wallet, built-in DEXs, Cross-chain Bridge & DApp Browser, a powerful Terminal, attractive Earn, Gift & Campaign, and Others.

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