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Coin98 May Gathering: Unleash New Potential

This May has been marked by many accomplishments, including our support for new networks, investments in Layer-1 blockchains, and more. What motivates us to make these decisions?
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Published Jun 06 2023
12 min read

Coin98 May Gathering - Unleashing New Potential, was held on May 29th, 2023 (UTC) at 1:00 PM at Coin98 Super App's Twitter Space, with Mr. Marcus Le (Head of Community at Coin98 Finance) and Heidi Tran (Community Junior at Coin98 Finance) in attendance.

You can play the record on Twitter or walk around this detailed recap.

Ecosystem Updates

Coin98 Super App Integrations

Start of the month, Sui just launched their token and went mainnet. Sui is an innovative, decentralized Layer 1 blockchain that redefines asset ownership. They still receive lots of attention from the community since then and we recognized that potential factor. 

At Coin98, our goal is to become the leading multichain crypto wallet, serving the diverse needs of our users. We follow blockchains from their early development stages, such as Devnet and Testnet, all the way to their official mainnet. One such example is Sui, which is now available on Coin98 Super App. With the latest version of Coin98, users can now securely transfer and store SUI, other tokens & NFTs on this blockchain along with the seamless connection within the ecosystem.

Additionally, Coin98 is delighted to announce its strategic investment in TomoChain, a highly scalable and secure blockchain network, to continue expediting infrastructure building. Following this movement, Coin98 is becoming the official wallet of TomoChain, onboarding the next millions of users to web3 through Coin98 and TomoChain. 

TomoChain is a highly scalable and secure blockchain network in mainnet since 2018. TomoChain also fully supports EVM-compatible smart contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers. With the common vision of making Web3 accessible to anyone, Coin98 and TomoChain aspire to renovate the ecosystem and facilitate a seamless transition from Web2 to the Web3 sphere in the forthcoming.

Learn more at this announcement.

DApps and NFTs Collection 

We’re thrilled to see blockchain scaling welcome more people, transactions, and complex applications into the fold. At Coin98, we serve as a DeFi gateway to onboard millions of users to different dApps. You can now find us on many new platforms as well as some kinds of Testnet dApps so that users can participate and potentially earn incentives in the future.

New dApps added: In this edition, Sei Network retained a spotlight on Coin98. So we integrate many projects on the Sei network to get ready for the mainnet around the corner. We have seamlessly integrated with some exciting new dApps on this platform, allowing users to participate and earn rewards while gaining valuable experience. These are Kryptonite (Testnet), Eclipse Pad, SparrowSwap and SenSei Fi.

Besides, we also integrate with QuestN is a one-stop tool for Marketing, Growth, and Analysis in Web3 - incubated by Hogwarts Labs; and Coded Estate: Unlock the world of premium real estate ownership, rentals, and homes-on-chain, all for less than $100, and so on.

NFTs Supported

2023 is the year of the dedicated NFT marketplace, and we’re proud to support many popular NFTs on multiple blockchains. We’ve recently welcomed MetaLine-MysteryBox, CrypToadz by GREMPLIN, TOPIA Worlds, Invisible Friends, ZED RUN, Creepz by OVERLORD, Kaiju Kingz, Lazy Lions, Cool Pets NFT, Inhabitants: MintPass, Prime Ape Planet PAP, and The Doge Pound.

You can read full details at our Coin98 Bi-Weekly Roundup #9 and Coin98 Bi-Weekly Roundup #10

C98 Token Update

C98-BNB would be migrated to the PancakeSwap V3 Farm, bringing more yield for users. I believe I did talk about C98's utilities many times but just want to say it again for some new comers here: with C98, you know can join IDOs on Impossible Finance, buy and sell NFT on Dagora Marketplace, and of course, earn yields when you stake on Baryon Network or Saros Finance - the pools are still ongoing with high APRs. Regarding C98 on Polygon, it was previously on Satin exchange but the project has been revamped to a new name of Retro Finance, they has paused trading activities regarding the old pools, we will have some time to migrate to the new protocol and tokens.

These are the chances to earn from several blockchains, so if you need to bridge your token, you could use our native feature - SpaceGate - for a fast and safe cross-chain bridge experience.

Coin98 Dollar In Growth

For $CUSD, the $CUSD Stable Guild Pool on @WombatExchange is still hot with 24.69% APR. By providing liquidity to the pool, all CUSD holders can maximize their rewards. Also, the team brings you more fun, more rewards from CUSD-DOLA & FRAX -CUSD on THENA. Don't forget to start earning now.

Dagora In Development

Sei launches 2 missions on Dagora, Mission 1 is Weigh Anchor and Mission 2 is Set Sail which is pretty simple, just do a social task and some interact with Sei testnet, then you can mint the NFT.

Dagora has plans for the eligible users who finished both of the missions. So stay tuned for the update! That's all I can share for now.

Also, we are launching the hotdrop series that includes the Sealthesei series which is for projects on sei and mints for Sei communities as well. This event is hosted by Dagora to show off the strength and unity of the Sei Network Ecosystem. #Seilors will get exclusive NFTs for this series of events. For example, Sparrowswap, Sea swap, Kryptonite, etc. For the community we collaborate with, Sei Vietnam, Sei Japan, Sei Thailand and so on. For the NFT free mint using hotdrop. Furthermore, on May 24, Dagora just had an AMA with SparrowSwap to learn more about the project. They are the first native and biggest AMM on the Sei network. We plan to do more in the future to explore more about the projects on the Sei ecosystem. Wait for it, more exciting things are coming soon!

Moreover,Dagora has decided to introduce sub-accounts that serve as dedicated spaces for each NFT community on our currently supported chains: BNB Chain, Polygon and Sei Network. These three supported blockchains will be the first ones to have the dedicated sub-account. Other chains are in the preparation phase for supporting and will be updated later. The reason is each blockchain has cultivated its own unique identity, fostering a distinct atmosphere within its NFT ecosystem. and Dagora's journey begins with learning and embracing several NFT cultures and community vibes on different chains. Please follow all of Dagora Official Channels to get updated all of the important information.

Recently, Dagora has formed a strategic alliance with Ancient8 Dojo - an innovative GameFi Launchpad! This partnership aims to enhance the value within the NFT ecosystem and usher in a groundbreaking era for GameFi NFTs. Beside, one more partnership that we join hand with is LayerE. LayerE is the leading Collectible Relationship Management product suite in web3 built for creators, companies, and fandom to turbocharge revenue and reach.


Before updating about Cyball project progress, I would like to give you a quick Cyball Acquisition recap. In December 2022, Coin98 Labs successfully acquired CyBall, a leading sports game, in a strategic move to expand its product portfolio and tap into the growing market of blockchain-based gaming industry. Personally, Coin98's acquisition of CyBall is fortuitous, as our newly established gaming division has the resources and funding to usher CyBall into a new era.

Since the acquisition, we have made remarkable progress in various areas. Here is some key highlights:

There are two main things in this part are Development Enhancements and Community Engagement. You will have more insights on this in the near future. 


Communities and Events 

Twitter Space Builder Talk with Arbitrum and Boba Network

Arbitrum - We have builder talk with Mr. Patrick Mccorry, researcher at Arbitrum Foundation to share with fellow builders about the projects they are working on and their indications about the crypto industry.

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain designed to improve transaction speed, scalability, and privacy. It allows users to perform transactions off the leading network and have them verified and batched before being committed back to the main chain. Arbitrum's rollup mechanism reduces the user's fee while maintaining security, allowing users to swap on Arbitrum for 80 cents, compared to 30-40 USD on Ethereum.

The community is proactive. The Foundation is the responsibility of the DAO. DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. The token holders can raise proposals and safeguard the Arbitrum Network. The point of DAO has many responsibilities. The ultimate goal of the DAO is to protect the Arbitrum protocol. Therefore, any upgrade must get through the proposal before deployment on the network. The second purpose is that the DAO has a treasury that distributes incentives for the public good in the ecosystem. The third is to hold the Foundation accountable.

Meanwhile, The Foundation focuses on education, from blog posts to online classes. In addition, he was hosting ECC and other cryptocurrency events, where people can come to the workshop to learn about Ethereum and Arbitrum. So that more developers can join our community.

Learn more at Buildertalk #6: Inside a fast growing Layer 2 scaling solution

BOBA - Another talk is about Boba Network - Elevation of Multichain Layer 2 with Curtis Schlaufman, Global Head of Marketing at Enya Labs & Core Contributor to Boba Network.

Boba Network is an optimistic-based multichain layer-2 scaling solution that aims to unlock the potential of rollup technology and enable more flexible blockchain communication. This is the primary place where Boba works on the Boba L2, a computer-focused L2.

Schlaufman believes that scalability is one of blockchain's biggest problems, and that the Boba Network's development team saw the potential of combining Web3. He also believes that the scalability of smart contracts on Boba helps Ethereum developers build dApps using algorithms, without having to spend a lot of money.

Boba Network's Marketing Director said that the project team soon recognized the need to expand the blockchain network and believed in it. More and more layer 1 and layer 2 projects are born and bring many new things to the entire crypto ecosystem. All blockchains face the problem of scalability and require a particular layer 2 solution. Like BNB Chain or Ethereum, for example, activity on these blockchains is increasing. Currently, Boba Network is the only layer 2 platform that works on BNB Chain and has started to profit from a large number of transactions in the past few months.

Boba Network is looking for the future of Layer 2. Boba Network is the only multichain Layer 2 scaling solution. Developers need to choose which chain to build on. Boba's team gives them a choice, not locking them in a specific environment. For example, Boba Network on BNB Chain, and it has seen tremendous growth. In Feb, they had 500,000 transactions on the BNB Chain. And then in March, they had 2 million. And then, in April, thay had 3.8 million transactions. So they have 50,000 active wallets on BNB Chain.

Learn more at BuilderTalk #7: Boba Network - Elevation of Multichain Layer 2

Offline Events Of The Month

Tour de web3 made a successful final stop at Danang on May 20 after the events that happened in HCMc and Hanoi. With thoughtful sharings from our guests, the opportunity to expand the network, ... these are surely the values ​​that all participants in the event received at Vietnam Tour de Web3 Danang and all the three in general. Tour de web 2023 comes to the end but we have more to come.

But before that, we have the CONQuest 2023 in the Philippines on June 2-4. Coin98 will have some activities in this event including educating web3 side events and some exclusive give away. This information will be published soon, so stay tuned and keep your eye on our discord to get updated! For those who don't know, Conquest is a convention that combines all things gaming, music, pop culture, comics, anime and more! It will be held at SMX Manila, Philippines. You will have a chance to meet lots of gamers, cosplayers and creators. Coin98 also has set up a booth there with some activities and giveaways to onboard these communities to the Web3 world.

A sneak peek is that we are planning with one protocol to organize a small meetup in the middle of June, to discuss about their technology. Stick around as more details will be announced soon.

Coming to the end of June and beginning of July, we will have GM Vietnam. Last gathering, we talked about GM Vietnam and the event is now officially open to register tickets. This aims to be the biggest crypto event in Vietnam and The Premier Crypto Event in South East Asia. A lot of builders from all around the world will fly to Vietnam to join this event. If you want to explore why Vietnam is such a very active market for almost every crypto project, come join this event. Before that, we also have a side event called Coin98 Builder Space. This is on our plan and the idea is to gather all the builders to network and share the experience. It will probably be organized at a co-working space and it’s an open event. Please stay tuned!


As mentioned in April Gathering, Frontier Elevate is happening right now, this program aims to provide FrontierDAO members with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, especially in research, analysis, and pitching/public speaking. Phase 1: The Analyst just finished successfully and FrontierDao is on the way to look for the best Pitchers with phase 2.

Continuously, Frontier has set up booths at many universities during this month including: UEL and FTU. I would say FrontierDAO has been buzzing with offline activities and exciting encounters with passionate young individuals interested in blockchain throughout the past month. We have had the opportunity to connect with many talented and enthusiastic individuals across Vietnam.

Next month, we're gonna kick-off an event series to visit various universities and educational organizations to connect with Web3 young enthusiasts in Vietnam, starting in HCMC. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates and details about this upcoming event.

Learn more about FrontierDAO.


Live Q&A

1.Any update for Starship Launchpad from the last gathering as I'm holding many $C98?

I haven’t had much update on Starship. For the launchpad we will have some activities for the public for the next few weeks. This is all I could share for now because we want to keep the secret to wait until we officially launch it. For sure, the announcement will be extremely hype and surprise the communities. 

2.How important is it for you to improve the Coin98 Ecosystem to keep the project sustainable?

As you may know we build many things at Coin98, starting from wallet to super app as a core, then we expand to another product such as AMM, cross-chain bridge, stablecoin. Recently with the NFT marketplace we have many products. I do believe that to keep up with the product and community building, I think that relies on the human resources that we have. That’s why our headcount has increased since last year. At the same time with product public launching, we have recruited so many talented builders among the space to be responsible for the community development, business, marketing and branding development for our project to expand globally. 

At this time, there are many companies that have plans for laying off. It happened to some of my friends. However, at our company, we saw the potential of the market so we want to get well prepared for it. If you have been with us, you can easily observe the project development flow to build up the Coin98 ecosystem, where our goal is to target users from Web2 to Web3 in different segments. This is all I could share for now. Thank you so much for this interesting question.

3.What do you think of the Frontier DAO and the future that will be part of the Coin98 brand?

FrontierDao is one of our Coin98 initiatives that we establish and build up as a contribution toward the community and industry. We want to have space for the young talents who have the potential working in this space but they do not have a place to experience and learn some activities or from the job. Members at the DAO can learn and grow at the same time as they will connect with the experienced seniors who have been in the space for a long time. 

Additionally, they can also have a chance to work on some project toward society in the industry . For example, we collaborate with certain blockchain project builders and FrontierDAO can be an organization. The event itself will be very valuable for the members to learn from builder’s aspect and knowledge. Besides, organizing the event will help them learn some skills in terms of hosting, logistics, promotion, design, etc.. Ultimately, we want to develop our DAO independently, not an exclusive DAO in Coin98. Join hands with us if you have the same vision, together build up FrontierDAO to be bigger in the industry. Thank you for your question.

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