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Coin98 on-the-spot | W6.2022 

Every event you missed this week is now all in this on the spot. Let's explore what happened with Coin98 Super App on the sixth week of 2022. 
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Published Feb 14 2022
Updated Feb 06 2023
2 min read


This week, Coin98 deep dives into campaigns and some milestones. Some highlights that we're glad to share with you are: 

Coin98 (C98) was live on Huobi Global, the world's leading crypto exchange with C98/ USDT trading pair. Want to grab some C98 into your portfolio? Trade now here

We're also happy when seeing C98 available for trading on Bitget, the world's largest crypto copy trading platform and top derivatives exchange. Read on full details

Additionally, Coin98 and our partners run vast campaigns for you to jump in.

  • Coin98 has added thousands of 25 USDT bonus prizes for the Finding Luck event, total reward up to 500,000 USDT. The event is ongoing; get yourself a Red Envelope from Coin98 now! 
  • To speed up the atmosphere of the Finding Luck event, Coin98 kept hosting Fortune Racers with the reward of $2,000 C98. 
  • Valentine's Day is around the corner. To celebrate this day, Binance ran an exciting event to chill out with users with the reward of C98. 
  • Huobi Global organized the wheel of Fortune with a pool of up to 22,000 C98 prizes to kick off the C98 trading on this exchange.

DApps supported 

Coin98 integrated into the list of the official wallet in the new platforms. Together, Coin98 also adds those DApps into Browser. Here are 4 DApps welcomed this week. 

  • Solidly, the decentralized exchange allows low-cost, near 0 slippage trades on uncorrelated or tightly correlated assets. The protocol incentivizes fees instead of liquidity.
  • Vybe Network is a data and infrastructure provider for the Solana blockchain. It aims to provide tools to query, index, and share on-chain data to build web3 distributed apps and perform analytics.
  • aSOL is an unbiased stake pool aggregator. It aims to ensure all $SOL on #Solana is staked into stake pools.
  • Drift is a powerful and efficient on-chain perps platform powered by Solana. 

New NFTs & tokens supported 

With the evolution of NFTs, Coin98 puts our effort into innovating the products. Coin98 Super App now supports NFTs with PNG, JPEG, MP4 format that allows users to store Video NFTs and image NFTs.

The number of NFTs dramatically increases, and Coin98 is trying to support as many as possible, including Azuki, The Squishiverse, CLONE X - X TAKASHI MURAKAMI, Lives of Asuna, HAPE Prime, Zipcy's SuperNormal, MegaCryptoPolis, Ember Sword, METADOGE. 

Besides NFTs, supporting new tokens is our daily task to serve users at our best. Now the super app shouts out with over 10,000 tokens. 

Ensuring your NFTs and assets are always kept safe on Coin98 Super App. Download App now! 

Overview of Coin98 on-the-spot | W6.2022 

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