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Coin98 Pick Your Star - Race for the Champion with total rewards up to 50,000 C98

Are you ready to celebrate the biggest football tournament in the world with Coin98? The thrilling race among 32 teams of World Cup 2022 is starting soon. Pick your favorite star and see who will be the champion this year.
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Published Nov 18 2022
Updated Feb 06 2023
6 min read

Event details:

🎁 Total prize: 50,000 C98

πŸ›Ž Duration: 20:00 November 18, 2022 - 23:59 December 18, 2022 (GMT+7)

How to join: 

Download Coin98 Super App, register an account and create your wallet. View the tutorial here.

If you’ve already had a Coin98's account, go to the Pick Your Star section. The game will have 3 main zones: 

  • Pick the star 
  • Evolve
  • X-Race

Each area will have unique features and missions. To secure as many rewards as possible, let's find out the rules below!

coin98Pick Your Star Homepage


  • You need to choose your BEP20 wallet address to register before entering to the hompage of Pick Your Star.
  • You can only choose the wallet address 1 time and it can't be changed during the event time. 
  • Each wallet address connects with only 1 REF ID.
  • This wallet address is also used for receiving rewards at the end of the event through Coin98 Vault. Learn more about Coin98 Vault here.

Zone 1: Pick the Star 

In zone 1, there will be logos of 32 participating teams. Users need to use X-points to pick their favorite stars. Learn more about X-Point.

If you don't have X-Point, you can get X-Point free at Flow To Earn zone in Reward Hub. Learn more about Flow To Earn here.

During the Group Stage, players only need to use 250 X to receive a random logo of 1 of 32 stars. Depending on the World Cup timeline, the number of X needed will change increasingly compared to the previous stage. However, from the Knockout Stage to later, you can choose the exact stars as preferred.

The timeline to pick your stars and the number of X will change as follows: 

Timeline Pick Your Star

Timeline Pick Your Star

After the Final Stage of World Cup, users who have logos of the winning teams can join the pool prize of 35,000 C98.

Zone 2: Evolve

In zone 2, players with the losing teams’ logos can continue to participate in the event. The losing stars in the previous stage can be exchanged into a random new logo for this stage, following this formula: 

4 logos in the previous round + 500 X = 1 random new logo 

For example:

4 logos of the losing team in the Knockout Stage + 500 X = 1 random logo of 1 of the 8 teams competing in the Quarter-finals


  • There is no limitation to evolve your logos in this zone. 
  • Logos in the Collection will only show the logo of the previous round. For example, the event is in the Semi-Final Stage, the logos of the team that lost in the Knockout Stage will be lost. You will only see the logos of the teams in the Quarter-finals.

Zone 3: X-Race

In zone 3, there will be a list of players who spent the most X during the event.

Get in the Top 5 and receive valuable rewards immediately.


The rewards will be distributed after the official winner announcement is posted on Coin98 social channels. The rewards are divided into four categories, including 3 prizes in the Pick Your Star and 1 social-giveaways prize:

coin98Pick Your Star Rewards

“The Champion” Prize: 35,000 C98

Players who have the Champion logo will be able to join the pool. The pool will be divided equally to each player, according to the number of logos that they are holding.


  • The number of participation in the Share Pool is unlimited, so the more you participate, the higher the prize percentage you will receive.
  • You can send logos to your friends through Ref ID by 100 X.

“The Flash” Prize: 8,000 C98

Players with any 8 logos can convert them to C98.

Total prize: 1,000 slots for the earliest players. Value per serving: 8 C98. Each REF ID can only redeem the prizes up to 3 times.


  • Exchanged logos can't be returned. 
  • Check your logos carefully before converting to C98 in case they are the winning logos. 

“X-Race” Prize: 5,000 C98

The top 5 players with the most X points spent for logos during the event will have the opportunity to receive 5,000 C98. Prizes will be awarded in the following order:

  • Top 1: 2,500 C98
  • Top 2: 1,000 C98
  • Top 3: 750 C98
  • Top 4: 500 C98
  • Top 5: 250 C98

Social Giveaway “Vote For Your Champion”: 2,000 C98

Join and choose your favorite team in the Pick Your Star area on Coin98 Super App. Share your stars on social channels and wait for the rewards to be sent to your wallet! 

Duration: 20:00 November 20, 2022 - 23:59  December 18, 2022 (GMT+7)

Total prize: 2,000 C98

  • 1,500 C98 will be equally distributed to 150 luckiest users, each is worth 10 C98.
  • Top 5 with the most referrals will receive the following rewards:
  • Top 1: 250 C98
  • Top 2: 100 C98
  • Top 3 - 5: 50 C98

How to join:

Step 1: Participate in the event through Gleam channel. The link will be announced officially on Telegram Coin98 Super App in November 20.  

Step 2: Finish all the tasks below: 

  • Subscribe to the Coin98 Super App Telegram channel.
  • Submit your Telegram username.
  • Like, retweet the event announcement and tag 3 friends with hashtags: #Coin98 #PickYourStar 
  • Pick at least 1 logo and share your stars publicly on Twitter with the “Share" button in the “Pick Your Star" area on Coin98 Super App, with hashtags: #Coin98 #PickYourStar 
  • Submit the link to your Tweet
  • Invite your friends with the Gleam link. The more you invite, the better chance of receiving rewards.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All Coin98 users are welcomed to join the event.  
  • Coin98 Pick Your Star employees who were involved in the conception and implementation are not eligible to participate in the event.
  • Users are solely responsible for determining and complying if there are any regulations (including foreign exchange restrictions) applicable to them while participating in Coin98 Pick Your Star.
  • Entry into Coin98 Pick Your Star will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.
  • Users can join Coin98 Pick Your Star during the period stated in the beginning of this blog post and the post published on Coin98 social media platforms.
  • The winners will be shown on Pick Your Star Rewards Zone after the Final Stage of Pick Your Star ends.
  • The results will be announced within 14 business days after the end of the event on Coin98 social channels.
  • The winners agree to the publication of wallet address, REF ID in Coin98 social channels.
  • The rewards will be distributed to the BEP20 wallet address that you register before the event in Pick Your Star section on the Coin98 Super App within 14 business days after the winner announcement. 
  • All complaints are only valid within 72 hours after the prize announcement on Coin98’s social channels. Users can contact us through Coin98 Live Chat.
  • Any cheat detected will automatically be handled by Coin98’s decision without notice.
  • Coin98 reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  • All final decisions belong to Coin98.
  • All the event information is only valid & updated officially on this blog post.
  • All personal data of users (email address, wallet address) will not be passed on to third parties without consent, nor will it be made available for use by third parties.

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