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Coin98 x Skate Chain: SkateTrail Adventure - Grab up to $5000

Get ready for the ultimate Web3 Playground event: Coin98 x Skate Chain's SkateTrail Adventure kicks off the series! Explore thrilling activities and seize the chance to claim your share of 5000 USDT in rewards!
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Published May 29 2024
Updated Jun 11 2024
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Thrilling SkateTrail Adventure Begins Now

Welcome to the start of our Web3 Playground campaign series! Coin98 x Skate Chain present the SkateTrail Adventure event, calling all skaters to join a thrilling journey packed with excitement at every twist and turn. Immerse yourself in new experiences and craft unforgettable moments as you skate through this adventure. Are you ready to roll? The path awaits your wheels.

Get Started

To be eligible for these events, you must use Coin98 Super Wallet and have a multichain wallet.

If you don’t know how to create a wallet on Coin98, please find the tutorials here.

With a total reward of 5000 USDT, there are two main activities lined up for the SkateTrail Adventure:

Activity 1: Social Giveaways

In the first phase of the SkateTrail Adventure, we're hosting a social giveaway where you can win amazing prizes. Don't miss out on this opportunity to snag some fantastic rewards. 

Join the fun and let the giveaways begin!

Total reward: 3000 USDT in details: 

2500 USDT for 250 lucky winners (10$/winner)
500 USDT for the top 3 referrals who invite the most friends to join the campaign: 
Top 1: $250
Top 2: $150
Top 3: $10O

Duration: 6:30 PM May 29 - 11:59 PM June 11, 2024 (UTC+7) 

Platform: TaskOn 

Format: Lucky Draw 

How to join: Complete these simple tasks on TaskOn via this LINK, including: 

Like the event announcement post
RT the campaign announcement post 
Invite friends to join this campaign (Optional)


Users can use both Coin98 Super Wallet and Coin98 Extension to join the campaign. 
Rewards will be randomly distributed by TaskOn to eligible lucky winners and sent directly to the wallet users use to participate in the TaskOn event.

Activity 2: SkateSnaps Share

In the second activity of our SkateTrail Adventure, skaters from all over the world have the chance to showcase anything related to skateboarding or Skate Chain and earn rewards. 

Do you own a Skatepark NFT? Own a skateboard or anything that exudes skate vibes? Show us you're part of the Skatechain community!

Total reward: 2000 USDT for 100 lucky winners ($20/winner)

Duration: 6:30 PM May 29 - 11:59 PM June 11, 2024 (UTC+7)

Platform: TaskOn

Format: Lucky Draw

How to join: Complete these simple tasks on TaskOn via this LINK , including: 

Flex anything related to Skate on Twitter using the hashtags #SkateSnaps, #Skatechain, and #Coin98
Verify your wallet generated on Coin98 
Own the Skate Rebel NFT LINK
Submit your post link to TaskOn


Include any of the following:
A screenshot of your Skatepark NFT on Coin98.
A picture, video, drawing, or any creative representation of a skateboard.
A video showcasing your skateboard skills. You can use a real skateboard, a finger skateboard, or any other creative approach.
Rewards will be randomly distributed by TaskOn to eligible lucky winners and sent directly to the wallet users use to participate in the TaskOn event.

Terms and Conditions 

1. All users are welcome to join the event. Users are solely responsible for determining and complying with applicable regulations (including foreign exchange restrictions) while participating in all Coin98 events. 

2. Entry into the SkateTrail Adventure will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

3. All the event information is officially valid and updated only on this blog post.

4. The winners consent to the publication of wallet addresses (revealing the 5 first and 5 last digits of the wallet address) on Coin98 social channels.

5. By participating SkateTrail Adventure event, you agree to allow Coin98 to use your image on Coin98 social channels.

6. Users can contact us through Coin98 Live Chat for support with any questions they have during the event's occurrence. 

7. Any detected cheating will be automatically handled by Coin98's decision without prior notice.

8. Coin98 reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

9. All final decisions belong to Coin98 and Skatechain.

About Skate Chain

Skate is the first universal application layer for all chains. Built to address the challenges of application fragmentation and scalability, Skate provides a universal application layer that enables seamless operation across thousands of chains. By unifying the blockchain ecosystem under one state, Skate empowers developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) that run efficiently on multiple chains. With its innovative approach, Skate is shaping the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3, making blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

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